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We always give prompt and careful consideration to manuscripts submitted to us for publication. Please submit manuscripts to us at 2600 South First Street, Springfield, IL 62704. We ask that authors provide their manuscripts on a CD-ROM, formatted in Word, and that they also submit their hard copy. See our "Manuscript Preparation Guidelines" located also on this web site for further information about manuscript preparation.

For manuscript prospectuses, we like to have the following information:

  • How far along you are with your plans for the manuscript and when will it be ready?
  • a tentative outline of contents.
  • the size of the manuscript, or estimated size, in terms of double-spaced, typed pages as well as number of words.
  • whether you will be including any illustrations, tables, charts, and so on, and the nature and number of these materials.
  • your curriculum vitae and that of your coauthors/contributors (if numerous contributors, then affiliations and degrees is satisfactory).
  • a preface, outlining the scope, plan and purpose of your manuscript, which should be about 300 words in length or longer.
  • It is helpful to us if you send in a completed Authors/Editors Marketing Questionnaire (located on this web site), which allows us to expedite the review of your materials.

We give very prompt publication. It isn't unusual for us to have page proof for authors within about four to six weeks after we have a finished manuscript in hand.

We are glad to hear from potential authors who may need our counsel. We suggest either writing Michael Thomas or telephoning (217) 789-8980.


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