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All of our titles are listed on and which also feature the "Look Inside" component, allowing readers to review parts of books prior to purchasing these. We also have this component on our own website and other websites, such as Google Books. is one of our largest customers. Having all of our titles available through Amazon allows us to market and sell our books to a much wider audience.

We've partnered with the Google Books Program to sell eBooks, and we'll have over 5,000 titles available on their website. Customers who prefer to purchase print titles can easily do so via links from their web site to other book distributors. Our titles are also listed with Teachers can obtain digital review copies very easily from their site using a code.

Our titles are also available through ebrary and EBSCO. Ebrary offers libraries a wide variety of flexible models for acquiring eBooks from leading publishers. EBSCO offers more than 60 electronic book collections from some of the world’s most renowned STM publishing houses.

We've also partnered with MBS Direct and they have several sites where they sell our eBooks as well, including Over 830 individual schools and institutions contract with MBS to sell required and optional course material through online, Virtual Bookstores. Another one of their sites is This is their direct-to-student discount outlet and it reaches a large percentage of the college student population. Their digital content storefront is listed on, listing all available digital products, categorized by subject area for easy searchability. The digital content is available on some of the leading distribution platforms, including VitalSource, Ingram Digital, and CourseSmart.

In addition to review copies that we send to journals, we do quite a lot of journal advertising. We advertise in over fifty journals currently. Our journal advertising program, and the journals that we work with, is constantly evolving. We are always glad to consider additional journals with authors. Sometimes authors prefer to have individual advertising of their book in a particular journal, such as a half- or full-page ad, and what we normally do in these instances is to participate with authors on a shared-cost basis.

If an author desires to have their book sent to a conference, we'll try and make arrangements to have books available along with flyers. We send many of our titles to conferences all around the country every year through private book displayers, such as Conference Book Service, Academia Book Exhibits and Association Book Exhibit, as well as directly to meetings that hold their own book exhibits.

Authors will oftentimes want direct mail sent to perhaps a specialized list of instructors or schools for course adoption consideration, and we'll contact instructors in this manner.

We have a full catalog printed every year containing all our publications and this is distributed to a select mailing of our customers as well as to those who request to receive it. We also have other mailings, including topics of interest by category, to those who purchase book titles in that relevant area. Once a month, we have a new books list that is emailed to all our customers. Many of these flyers are sent to our customers in their book shipments as well as included in our customers’ monthly statements.

For more information or to discuss other aspects about our advertising program, feel free to contact our Advertising Manager, Cindy Marcy, at or by telephone at (217) 789-8980.


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