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Authors/Editors Marketing Questionnaire

Please complete this questionnaire. Having this information will help ensure that your book is brought to the attention of the widest possible audience. Please bear in mind that your book will be marketed throughout the world, and that you should not feel a need to limit your comments to a purely domestic readership.

Author/Editor name as you wish to appear in advertising:
Title and Subtitle of the book:
Office Correspondence information:
Address Line 1: 
Address Line 2: 
Country:  (if out of US)
Zip/Postal Code: 
Home Correspondence information:
Address Line 1: 
Address Line 2: 
Country:  (if out of US)
Zip/Postal Code: 
Membership in Professional Societies:
Honorary Societies:
How often do you give seminars or workshops?
Frequently   Infrequently   Never
If you do give seminars or workshops, please describe the subjects covered:
Do you have any travel/speaking plans during the first year of publication? If so, please indicate:
Are there any lists you would recommend for mailing specific promotion material on this book?
(NOTE: It is not necessary to specify major disciplinary organizations such as American Sociological Association, American Psychological Association, American Political Science Association, etc. unless you wish to call specific sections to our attention. We are interested primarily in specialist organizations—in particular, those small, highly targeted lists that tend to be known only to members of specialized networks):
As a member of these societies/organizations, do you or your colleagues regularly purchase books through:
Direct Mail   Association Catalogs
Do you have suggestions for conferences or professional meetings (both national and international) where the book should be displayed? Again emphasis here should be more specialist than general disciplinary meetings.
How does your book compete with others in the field? What will be its major competition? (Please provide author(s), and title(s) of competing volumes.)
Who did you have in mind as a potential buyer/reader/user of your book when you wrote the final ms?
How far along you are with your plans for the manuscript?
What will be the size of the manuscript, or estimated size, in terms of double-spaced, typed pages as well as number of words.
Will you be including any illustrations, tables, charts, and so on? What is the nature and number of these materials?
Please provide a 100-150 word description of your book, including its main purpose and your reasons for writing it. (NOTE: We are especially interested in those points which make it UNIQUE; be sure to include key words and concepts.)
Names/addresses/telephone numbers of individuals who have read your ms and would be willing to give us a "quotable quote" for promotional purposes:
Please list all appropriate journals/newsletters that you feel should receive a copy of your book for review. List only those journals/newsletters that have book reveiw sections. (Providing complete addresses will expedite the review process.)
Please select one subject category below that is most applicable to your book:
Behavioral Sciences
Biomedical Sciences
Criminal Justice, Police Science, the Law, and Private Investigation & Security
Education & Special Education
Speech-Language & Hearing
Can be used as primarily text in courses entitled:

Can be used as supplementary text in courses entitled:

These courses are commonly taught at this level:

In addition to yourself, who teaches this course on your campus?

The texts most frequently used at present in such courses include the following (title, author, publisher, year published):
Other comments you wish our marketing staff to note:
Please complete verification before submitting:


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